Relaxer Maintenance

Note for Overprocessed Relaxed Hair

Even with all of these steps, these remedies cannot repair hair that's damaged beyond its breaking point. If your hair is at that point, there's nothing that's going to restore it -- you'll know your mane is irreparably damaged if, after all these measures, it hasn't improved within several weeks. Signs of severe damage include:

  • No improvement in elasticity: Healthy hair withstands some pulling without breaking. This is how you can comb or brush your tresses without them falling out. If your hair continues to snap or break when you gently tug it, it's lost its elasticity and unfortunately, needs to go.
  • Breakage at your slightest touch: Whether wet or dry, if your hair breaks off from the gentlest touch, chances are there's no hope for recovery.
  • Continued spongy appearance: This is usually a first sign that things won't get better. Relaxed hair that feels "slimy" when wet, and feels and looks "roughed up" when dry needs to go. Your mane may look or feel like straw, and really, who wants to go around with that?