Cornrows Maintenance

Conditioning Cornrows

When having braided hairstyles, maintaining them is one thing you need to keep in mind but conditioning cornrows being one them, it could become messy with all the fluffs and dandruff in the braids. Things you need to think of when conditioning cornrows is that you have to follow the washing steps below, in order to reach the condioning cornrows stage correctly.

Washing cornrows is something that requires professionals especially when you have no idea how to go about washing natural hair in cornrows. Learning how to make cornrows look neat is another mission due to failure to know exactly the best hair products for conrows to keep them looking neat.

Many people especially guys wonder how to clean dandruff from braids and without even knowing how long do cornrows last, it is indeed difficult to maintain them since you have no idea how to keep cornrows looking fresh.

Hairstylists should be in a good position to show clients how to freshen up conrows as well as how to take care of cornrows at night in order to be in a position to know how to keep cornrows looking fresh or in otherwards how to make cornrows look neat.


A Tip On Conditioning Your Hair Cornrows

This reduces breakage when you undo the cornrows. Do this on a regular basis. You could use rinse-off conditioner or leave-in. Dilute the rinse-off conditioner so that it is easier to use between the hair. When it is diluted, it is easier to rinse off.

When not diluted, the heavy conditioner may lead to build-up between the hair tracks and residual will dry white, making the hair look untidy. With leave-in conditioner, you can apply it at least twice a week. To guard against damaged and bad smell from the hair, use braid sheen in adequate amounts.

How To Deep Condition With A Protective Style

Many naturals dread the idea of having to deep condition, knowing they may have to take down their protective style. But it very possible to get a good conditioning down without having to remove your braids, twists or sew-in.

Conditioning involves covering your scalp to your ends with a conditioner of your choice. It allows your hair to stay soft by sealing in moisture immediately following a shampoo. But with protective styles, much of the hair is already covered but you can still condition your scalp.

And it does not require you to take down your style. With most protective styles (sew-ins, braids, twists, corn rows, etc.) the scalp is still accessible so simply apply the conditioner to your scalp.

With some styles, especially with sew-ins with some natural hair left out or braids, you can apply the conditioning on the weave. For example, I am currently wearing Senegalese twist and how exactly how far down the braid my hair is so I can afford to condition some of the braid.

The downside to conditioning protective styles is that it could make them look a hot mess sooner than usual. The weekly manipulation of a deep conditioner, on top of the styling and product build, could cause the style to look more worn out faster.

Even so, this is a great way to maintain healthy hair without sacrificing the time and money to take down and redo a protective style.