Weave Maintenance

Tangling Weave

This is something that happens to everyone at some point. This can happen if your hair is long, curly, dry/damaged, not regularly brushed, or you get a bad weave. In order to de-tangle your hair, take a wide tooth comb or paddle brush and work out all of the tangles, being patient during this process.

 Do not put a lot of force into this, as this can lead to breakage. Once the tangles have been removed, you can then put liquids such as conditioner into your hair. Start with the tips of your hair and work towards the tracks and/or roots. Leave the conditioner in your hair for approximately half and hour before rinsing with lukewarm water. Pat your hair dry with a clean towel, then allow it to air dry.

 Other "Do's and Don'ts" with Weaves

*Don't apply any kind of grease products on your weaves. This will only weigh them down and cause potential tangling.