Weave Maintenance

Conditioner Washing Your Weave

This is perhaps one of the best methods to help maintain either natural wave or straight hair. This is a process that lets you add and retain moisture while, at the same time, maintaining cleanliness. You will need the following for this process:

*A soft paddle brush

*Deep conditioner

*Clean towel

Begin by using the soft paddle brush to brush your hair as thoroughly as possible, making sure that all of the strands are free-flowing. Next, apply some of the deep conditioner directly on the weave itself, gently working it in. Do not vigorously rub the hair, as this can make the hair frizzy. The conditioner should be left in for approximately no longer than ten minutes. Finally, completely rinse out the conditioner with warm water, then pat your hair dry with a clean towel. While drying, do not roughen up your hair.