Weave Maintenance

Harsh Bleaching Products on Weave

Never use any kind of bleaching product that is excessively harsh on the hair. Additionally, you should never attempt to perform any bleaching or coloring process on your own. Instead, you should visit your local professional stylist and allow them to undertake the procedure themselves. If either process is performed incorrectly, the hair itself can become damaged. You can also come to our company to have either of these procedures performed. Please be advised that if any damage arises as a result of either of these processes performed by either yourself or any third party, we will not be held responsible in any fashion.

You will also need to ensure that you deep condition the hair after you either dye or bleach it, as well as contacting us to find out what particular products we recommend for coloring and bleaching. The products that we recommend are ones that we have used ourselves and can most definitely get the job done without creating a great deal of damage.

We highly recommend against coloring or bleaching curly or wavy hair since these styles have already been processed in order to achieve their desired looks. If you wish to have either of these processes performed anyway, they should be done by a professional stylist.