Weave Maintenance

Installing Brazilian-Type Hair and Other Kinds of Weaves

Never cut through the tracks of the hair, as this can create loose ends. As a result, this can lead to shedding. However, if it is absolutely necessary to cut the hair tracks, you must use some form of weft sealant before installing them.

Always make sure that you keep each weave track as whole as possible while you are installing them. Additionally, in order to make sure that you do not cut the weave, use either the fold-over or wrap-around method. This process will ensure that the weave will last as long as possible.

You will also not want to stitch through the hair tracks while you are installing your weave, as the end result will see the stitching destabilize. This is another situation that can also lead to shedding.

Ensure that you weave around the tracks of the hair in order to not only maintain the strength of the stitching, but also minimize any chances for shedding as well.