Braids Maintenance


Trying to maintain braids styles far a long time can cause dandruff mostly on natural black hair, leading to irritation while working out. Says Israel.

Ghana braids also need maintenance and the only way of learn how to grow long hair is through hair tutorials of black hair and braids hairstyles.

Use Moisturizing And Sealing Product on Your Braids

Make a point of applying your favorite sealing product to your roots at least once a week The best is every third day. I usually advice my clients to apply the Injibs Cosmets Itchy Scalp Braid Spray. It has been well prepared to moisturize the scalp as well as keeping the braids from forming knots on hair, which become a problem after braids removal. The Injibs Cosmets Hairfood fuels the dry scalp, protecting the hairline from being damaged by the pulling from the braids, and seals in moisture.

The injibs Hair food adds  moisture, controls the frizzing of the braids and nourishes hair with essential vitamins and minerals. 

First spray the whole head with the Itchy Scalp braid Spray. Then put a glob of both of these products into the middle of your palm and mix it around with your finger. Then smooth it onto your roots - section by section. This process ends up taking you around 40 minutes if you are really diligent about getting at every braid.