Hair Lesson


Chap 4

Hot Tools Invention - Hair Alteration

The advantage with altering hair is that it is very easy to wake up in the morning and without having to look yourself in the mirror, manage to comb your hair from the car mirror while you are stopping at the traffic lights. This could save you a lot of time unlike the whole hour that you would spend in the bathroom mirror trying to feeble with this bushy hair and therefore by softening its texture, you reap the benefits of the time saved like they say, time is money.

The other good thing with altering your natural coarse hair is that you get to have a wide variety of hair styles in a way that you get to achieve looks which those with natural coarse hair don’t. Many styles with blow drying for instance are way too many and not to mention tongs, curlers and many others which have to do with using heat, even though there are many dangers associated with hot styling tools as you shall see as you read further.