Hair Lesson


Chap 3

Styling Tools- (Hair Alteration)

Using tools to style your natural coarse hair wouldn’t be a wise idea because these tools damage hair just as chemicals would and the only way to protect your hair from being exposed to direct heat is to avoid tools like hot combs and tongs. As you read further you will later be walked through the dangers of using these tools including the few advantages but the bottom line is no matter how desperate you are or late for any function, stay away from hot tools in case you prefer keeping your natural coarse hair healthy and admirable.

 It is truly understandable that natural coarse hair can be quite hectic when it comes to styling and doing other different things with it, but I would personally recommend opting for other potions like I mentioned earlier. Braiding and weaving are other ways of how one could maintain their natural coarse hair, keeping it growing while at the same time it is prevented from breaking unnecessarily.