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Injibs Hot Oil Treatment

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INJIBS HOT OIL TREATMENT is the essential maintenance product for all hair types. INJIBS HOT OIL TREATMENT has been designed specially to soften hair, prevent DTH hormone production, promote scalp health, naturally conditions your hair, fights off fungi and bacteria and improves blood circulation. INJIBS HOT OIL TREATMENT as  a part of regular hair care regimen, can help your hair a scalp reach their healthiest potential. Make it for hair growth a regular priority in your hair care.

 The treatment derived from Olive oil, is very effective when it comes to healing the issues that affect the scalp and hair. This is the main reason why it moisturizes the hair due to its lightnesss. The treatment disolves easily into the scalp, removing all the toxins that are cloged insive the scalp pores, leaving the scalp clean and healthy to produce better healthier hair.

 It is usually very important to use contents that are acceptable to your body and olive oil being one of them, the scalp gets to improve effectively. The olive oil has several grades depending on how and where it was derived. by taking this into concideration, we usually take extra precaution when selecting which grade to use when preparing our hair products.

 Apply a generous amount on hair and scalp, massage the oil generously for ten minutes the wrap your hair in a steaming hot towel for 15 minutes. This will help lock in the moisture. When done, shampoo and rinse well for styling. Most people especially those with ethnic hair texture, prefer leaving the treatment on without washing it off since that type of hair texure demands regular moisturizing. Those with straight silky hair remain with an option of shampooing it out due to the greese the treatment tends to leave behind. 

 The treatment is very safe to use even on children because of its natural healing properties approved by the health care department. It is very good not only to hair, but also to soften facial skin, hands and feet. Pour a few drops in your palm, add a little sugar then rab around your face gently. by doing this, youu get to exfoliate the skin by removing all the dead skin revealing the fresh smoother beby skin underneath. After that wet a face towel with hot water, throuw it over your face and let it steam the treatment straight into the skin pores. Repeat the face towel at least three times, then finish by splushing the face with cold water with your hands. By that you close back the pores that were opened by the hot water, closing skin tighter and fresher. 

 The Treatment has several Purposes amd by Keeping in touch with our updates, you will get to learn more about our Contents.

Injibs Collection

The collection of Injibs Cosmets is highly known for its effectiveness in terms of hair growth. Before the product was discovered, people struggled for a very long time, trying to get their hair back to shape.Injibs Cosmets Products have been in business for almost a decade and have managed to capture the woman of South Africa through the healing Properties that compose the product.The hair care product has the ability to replace hair in areas that have been through struggle due to the abuse of strong hair chemicals.

The range is made up of several ingredients including various kinds of herbs . The products are prepared with hands, carefully brought to the right Ph that is suitable and safe for the application onto the skins or scalp.

The skin is the largest breathing organ that a human being has and therefore whatever that is applied onto it, 60% pecent of it is absorbed into the body. most of the skin infectios and diseases like most cancers are caused by the toxins that we feed our bodies.

Therefore, anything applied should edible (eatable) and if you can't eat it, do not apply it onto your skin.

The products are extremely safe that incase gets incontact with eyes or mouth, there shouldn't be a need to panic due to the natural ingredients that put it together. 

Products are very safe even around children and they are also non Flamable. Seeing that they are safe for home and professional use, we therefore encourage them to all age groups.