Afro Maintenance

Afro Hair Maintenance

In the past, finding the right afro hair products for natural hair, curly hairstyles, straight styles, short or long hair, has proven to be a hard task. However, times are changing and we’re thankfully in the midst of a pretty exciting time in the beauty industry where products for a wider range of ethnicities, skin tones and hair types are now increasingly more available.

“You now no longer need to go into specific parts of London or specific shops to find the right products,” says renowned hair stylist Johnnie Sapong. “You can now go into a wide range of shops on the high street and find them.”


How do you ensure though, that you’re making the most of these new products in the least amount of time possible? We asked some of the hair industry’s best for their top tips when it comes to correct product selection and clever time-saving techniques to ensure your entire weekend isn’t taken up catering to your hair. “Get into good habits now and it’ll soon become routine,” says Johnnie. There’s no better time to start than now.