Open A Business


Chap 8

Tough Times In Business -  Calm Waves - Open A Business

Dealing with challenges becomes your hobby in a way that when you are in your comfort zone, it tends to feel as if you are not growing to next levels. Having learned how to deal with all the business issues which are dealt by each and every single business person out there, it becomes your everyday life style that some people even end becoming workaholics.

Being a workaholic doesn’t necessarily mean you are being used by your job but also that it’s your hobby and therefore you are enjoying doing it at any time.

  • Economy

  • Suggestions

  • Criticism

  • Promotions

a) Economy

Choosing to remain in that state has a way of protecting you from the recession as well as things like credit crunch or you can call it the way you prefer. After developing that positive attitude due to all that you have experienced, things that actually happen out there don’t directly affect you simply because you choose to overlook them and see the bright side.

The economy usually affects those consuming the goods which means after a product goes through different hands from the manufacturer, to the wholesaler, to the retailer and it ends up in the hands of the consumer.

 All these hands are not affected by the economy because they keep charging whatever they were charged, but the last one to use the product has got nowhere to sell it in order to get back their charges and therefore, they end up being the ones affected by the economy.

The revenue provides a tax plan for consumers and for those who actually subscribe, do get back their tax charged on each and every commodity though there is a big number of the population that doesn’t have any idea how to go about it.

b) Suggestions

Customers usually feel appreciated by service providers in many different ways and one of them is letting them express their feelings and ideas. This method of providing suggestion boxes is very productive because you get to receive feedback from the customers some of them could be exaggerating, but some very constructive and so neglecting them is not such a good idea.

Not being able to know what they think of your service or product could be a stumbling block when it comes to business growth. Clients are usually the ones who tell what’s good or bad because they are the ones who end up with the product or service and therefore they do give ideas on things like colour, smell, appearance, packaging and many others.

Each and everything a client has to say should be taken into consideration because customer is always right even though some would not be used, but the good thing is that they feel important and part of product when their views are taken seriously.

c) Criticism

Inside that suggestion box will always be negative feedback and how you choose to use it is all up to you. Criticism is very important during the growth of a business because surely you cannot be the one who claims to know it all and unless you realize that you still have a lot to learn, such feedback will always upset you.

When the feedback says the product doesn’t smell good, it simply means you need to make some changes regarding the way it smells and not because they are against you, but because they are the ones using it, these are the things they would prefer instead of what you suggest for them.

The only time negative criticism would upset you is when it finds you with personal issues that aren’t dealt with whereby you tend to think the world is out there to get you and that you hardly trust anybody.

That is the reason why I had to first take you through dealing with yourself and putting behind you all the things that would hinder you from standing against such challenges like negative criticism.

When you are well equipped and ready to face anything in life including business, nothing can intimidate you and anything thrown at you, is taken and used to your advantage instead of raging war against the world.

d) Promotions

Most companies flush millions of cash into the advertising sector which is a very good way to promote you but it wouldn’t continue for a long period of time.

When the product is new and they need to know about it, promoting is important especially being able to introduce it to them in different languages and ways in order to get them to understand what you are all about.

One thing I realized especially with my own product and service was that when it is excellent and delivers what it is sent out there to do, it usually promotes itself through word of mouth. Once customers learn about it and find out that ii is not after making money just like others which they have been wasting money on, the spread the word to their friends out there.

Promoters are good to be stationed next to the product in order to explain and attract customers to buy, but after they know about it they start coming straight to the shelf and pick it without the promoter’s input. Therefore you will realize that as time goes by, you pay promoters for doing totally nothing.