Open A Business


Chap 4

Self Discovering - Pasion At Birth - Open A Business

After fear disappears, you start to open up your mind to taking risks and explore, wanting to discover what exists in the rest of the world where you haven’t yet been. Truly without fear nothing is impossible because this is the exact moment where you are ready to do anything or go anywhere without having to worry whether things will work out or not. With that you start discovering what applies to you and vice verse.

Finding what you want to do is not such an easy journey as I make it sound but with time, the long tour pays off and this includes failures as well negative feedback. Like I mentioned in the previous chapter, everyone is usually born with a talent and with it we are always provided with all that we need in life but because of the worrying and fear of the unknown, we destroy it within us.

Many people know exactly what they are meant to be yet they choose to run away from it because of the pressure surrounding them. Some of the thoughts that kill our talents are that you would perhaps never get to freely say what you do professionally. It is in most cases embarrassing because a talent is never something you can be proud of especially during the beginning. Exciting professionals are usually obtained by seeking knowledge from institutes and by that you get to feel important with all the acquiring of the degrees. But a talent isn’t about knowledge but wisdom coming from above.