Open A Business


Chap 1

Easy Ways To Establish A Business - Open A Business

Small businesses can be considered as a baby given birth to. It continues growing through baby steps as we all know what it means to be a child as well as nurturing them. We shall all together go through these steps and get to the bottom of this whole life challenge or should I say business challenge of how to keep it together even when it seems as if it's falling apart.


Truly speaking, nobody enters the realm of starting a business without being nervous fearing that what if things don't work out the way they are planned. In my case it was a "live or die" situation because remember I had walked away leaving everything behind and not only the first time but twice. I had no other way out but to make it happen.


When you are new in a business, it's honestly hard to tell when it comes to season and even rainy and sunny days generally but with your clientele as an individual. Surprisingly I thought the clients I had at my previous job would come along with but instead it was the other way round.


Some clients don't come to the stylist as we thought but the come because of the location as well as the reputation of the salon itself. Though I guess it also depends whereby if I moved in with my clients at the jobs, then they are most likely to move again to the next salon with. But if I built the client base at that present one, ten there is a probability that they belong to the salon and not the styling.


    -Who You Are
    -What You Are


    -Self Trust
    -Trusted By People
    -Trusting People


    -Self Employed
    -Public Relations E.t.c