Hairline Damage

Dukies or Head Scarfs and Hair Loss

 Wrapping a dukie around your head leads to hairline breakage. When you sweat, the salty sweat stays around the hairline which keeps it wet at all times, and the hair around the hairline ends up getting weak then it breaks.

If it is ocassional where by yoou need to use a head scalf, that is reasonable. But when the scalf becomes a regular practice, then it leaves the hairline with no choice but to fall out.

Besides the salty sweat, the fine hair around the hairline undergoes a regular aggressiveness of the cloth wrapped around it, rubbing it around back and forth, causing it to pull out of the skin whi is known as alopecia.

When hair is plucked out of the skin this uproots the hair root, leaving no follicle underneath to produuce new hair. Treat your hairline gently because it is the most delicate area covered with hair on the head.


Moisturize the hairline twice a day and untie the dukie for at least 20mins for the sweat to dry out.