Hairline Damage

Make Up and Hair Loss (A Damaged Hairline)

 Make ups contain strong chemicals that affect the hairline after a long time use. It’s advisable to always use a good moisturizer on your face and extend all the way into your hairline before applying any kind of make up.

 These makeup substances are meant for skin and not for scalp. When applied all the way into the hairline, could cause damage byglogging up the hairline pores that hair follicles suffocate, failiing to inhale enough oxygen.

This failure of hair follicles to have oxygen leads them to shrinking and therefore start dying out, causing that area to remain hairless.


Protect your hairline by not going so ffar into it when applying makeup. Give hairline special attetion by steeaming it every night with a hot towel every after washing of the makeup. This will regularly open up the pores cloged by the makeup for the follicles to inhale oxygen.

Injibs product has a very good gee moisturizer designed just for the hairline before make up application.