Opening A Business

This book is an Excellent package that has been well prepared by the writer ISRAEL MUSAASIZI the founder of the INJIBS COSMETS MANUFACTURING COMPANY. This package contains tools of how to get out there and start any business of your dream without being hindered or intimidated by these various stambling blocks explain in these chapters.


Carefully reading and exploring this package will make you realize that running a multi million company starts from nowhere but in a restaurant, with a plan drawn up on a serviot or napkin while enjoying a well prepared meal with a friend who happens to share the same dreams as you.


I am very sure that by the time you complete this well dezigned business starter package you will be well equipped and will have discovered that you had all it took to run your own show without paying anyone else's plain ticket to a holiday vacation trip. Enjoy The Adventure.

  • Chapter 1

    Explains how to succeed in business through the easy step of being able to discover your personal identity which requires you to know who you are, learning to trust and be trusted by others and how important it is in business, being disciplined in areas of finance as well as competition, knowing the importance of giving, how to invest as well using and creating ideas.

  • Chapter 2

    Will help you understand that it is not necessary to achieve qualification that you might even end up not using simply because the peer pressure out there wouldn’t allow you to do things at your own pace. It shows you how it surely doesn’t matter whether you are educated or not but you can still turn out to be somebody just by using what you know and with time gaining more experience.

  • Chapter 3

    Basically talks about the daily challenges we go through when we are employed and how hopeless we feel including the way we are treated as slaves at work whereby our effort is never appreciated nor even recognised by the management.

  • Chapter 4

    Is when you reach the stage when you start having the passion to leave wherever you are employed and get out there to start your own business. This is when you actually discover who you are and starting to have faith in the positive that whatever you do could turn out to be successful.

  • Chapter 5

    Gets you to a place where your passion is attacked by all kind of force and the chapter actually gives you an idea of what goes on inside your body and how to conquer your thought which wage war against your soul. We also see how you could be attacked by things externally and therefore giving you solutions as well as how to be patient and not to panic.

  • Chapter 6

    Makes us realize how tough this whole adventure is and therefore try to give up and choose to go back to your job where at least you had a fixed salary, company benefits like a car and a house as well as pension even though you had a boss.

  • Chapter 7

    Reminds you of the dark wall behind you whereby even if you wanted to go back to that life, there are many thing things which must be considered before wasting all that time and money invested in the business.

  • Chapter 8

    Is when you reach that stage when you actually make peace with yourself and having learned how to handle all these challenges, you are able to deal with anything that comes your way. All the experience that you gain through all the tough times turns you into a strong person who stands against anything in life.

  • Chapter 9

    Concludes by encouraging you to unite with other small businesses in order to have exposure in business and also to be able to network with others, learning what is happening out there and reach out to those in need of your skill.

This package contains a wealth of knowledge that is capable of creating jobs to a level whereby only a small percentage of the population needs to go out for job hunting. This package is essential for anyone interested in the next generation of millionaires’ development. Whether your background is illiterate, poor or streetwise, knowledge in this package will enable you to rapidly start, manage, maintain and grow businesses of today and tomorrow.