Open A Business


Chap 9

Unity In Business - Open A Business

Unity is the state of being united or joined together as a whole. Business or companies as individuals get even stronger when they all come together putting hands as one, building a united body that allows them to grow to higher levels.


 No individual can ever be strong to achieve anything unless they are united just like fingers need each other to hold something, even though each is different in size, but they all need each other for different quality purposes. The thumb is considered the shortest yet the thickest and others cannot despise it because at the end of the day, it’s the one that provides with the grip to something.


 There are many units that represent unity and some of these are organizations, co-operations, local groups and many others that you might think of. These groups bring together types of businesses putting them on a map while giving each other ideas and tips to grow as individuals on your own.

Many opportunities avail themselves in terms of economy, conferences, promotions, exhibitions and much more information which you wouldn’t know unless you joined a group.