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Chap 8

Calm Waves in Business - Open A Business

Speaking from an experienced point of view, things do get better after standing your ground and show all the challenges that you are not going to be moved by what you see, hear or feel but by what you believe that you are.

I am not implying that now you won’t be shaken by anything or in other wards storm will not come to attack you, but what I mean is that the challenges that you have gone through have created a different you.


When challenges try you for a while but you keep the same positive attitude, it’s not that they go away as assumed. You are usually the one who becomes hardened to them that you finally stop feeling them and taking note of them.

By that you develop this positive mentality that chooses to see only the bright side of the things and in that way you tend to think that the problems have actually gone away.

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