Open A Business


Chap 6

Turing Back Point - Open A Business

This is where you reach a point where you feel like giving up on this whole establishment that you are trying to achieve and just go back to being employed. When persecution arises left, right and centre, the only thought that comes into your mind is that wish you hadn’t resigned at your previous work place, where you had a fixed salary and that no bills were expected of you to pay.

It is usually said that when you reach your turning point, is when actually doors are starting to open up because you have no more energy left to fight your own battles but to let nature take its course.

 This usually happens when all your faith and hope that you have been putting into patience start taking its stand and manifest in reality. This is my own opinion according to my faith and experience therefore it has always worked for me.

When I reached that point of giving up, I finally realized that when I kept my patience a little longer, all that I have been hopping for happen suddenly and then I wonder what if I gave up and walked away.

No matter what goes wrong or what happens, do not give up because there are a lot that depend on you as well as your business.