Open A Business


Chap 5

Passion At War - Open A Business

You get done with the whole process of discovering what you want to be as well as doing, so passionately you set up a business and things start moving unexpectedly. While you are busy getting excited and the place is booming, clients are coming for service and son and so forth, suddenly enemies of progress show up and this is what puts your passion under heavy pressure.


Never let the first lot of customers fool you just because you see them coming through, asking and excited about the new place and the prices. They only last for a short while because they just come to check out the place and specials that normally hang o the price list but other than that, they disappear back to their regular spots.

 Keep room for disappointment especially during the first year because that is the period when you have to prove that your business can be trusted and reliable. Customers are very hard to please and just as fast as they came, can easily vanish.