Open A Business


Chap 4


Passion at Birth - Open A Business

Finally, after all kinds of challenge and life drama which hasn’t been an easy road to go through, you reach that stage where you lose it and just go wherever life takes you. This is exactly where you are meant to be because nothing in life can be achieved without your flesh dying literally. Meaning that you have to reach the moment where you hate yourself because unless you are in that position, you can never get rid of fear which is always what causes each and every failure in life.

 In order to be able to give birth to your passion, there has to be some supernatural kind of understanding and some way of viewing life in a sense that fear disappears when you tap into the other world which doesn’t require human understanding. I hope I’m making sense and not saying things that are difficult to relate to.

 Like I mentioned lately, it is very important to have something or someone to believe in and also meditate. That someone or something has to obtain powerful supernatural power by which you as a subject, you get to receive a part of it and with that you get to smoothly with hope and faith live your natural life which includes the business.