Open A Business


Chap 3

Unhappy With Your Job

In my first chapter I mentioned how I decided to leave my job and start something of my own which eventually turned out to be successful until today.

Not that my boss was bad or anything of that kind but I felt like there was much pressure coming from my colleagues of which it is what commonly happens in all work places. I reached that point where I felt unhappy that I woke up every morning stressed about how the day would be and is a very unhealthy way of handling your professional life.

Many of us were unhappy and they would say it not because of the boss or the salary but because of the simple way they chose to keep the work place. Things like fighting over clients, envying one another due to the developments in others’ lives and so on and so forth. All these things made the work place bitter and unpleasant to spend each and every day.


    Work Environmet, Peer Pressure, Intimidation & Background


    Addiction, Sickness, Laziness & Stress


    Overtime, Job Description & Underpayment