Hair Dressing Lessons

Hair Dressing Lessons-Table Of Contents

It has been centuries when women have been struggling with the same styles of hair having no variety or even knowledge of how to get their hair softer and smoother for easier maintenance.

As time went by and with civilization, it came to later generations that it is indeed possible to get as many different textures of hair as possible with just a simple application of a desired substance. Other several styles were as well invented including weaving and locking hair temporarily and permanently as we will see.

I hope you enjoy the journey of discovering ways to keep hair updated by yourself.

  • Chapter 4: Hair Alteration

    4a- Hair Styling Tools 4b- Invention of Tools 4c- Advantages 4d- Disadvantages

  • Chapter 5: Chemical Guide

    5a- Hair Relaxer 5b- Perm 5c- Hair Treatment

  • Chapter 6: Personal Identity

    6a- Discovering the New You 6b- Losing Identity 6c- Hair Insecurity

  • Chapter 7: Losing Hair

    7a- The Cause of Hair Loss 7b- Treating Hair Loss 7c- Other Hair Options

  • Chapter 8: Hair Stylist

    8a- Professional Stylist 8b- Unprofessional Stylist

  • Chapter 9: Hair Salon

    9a- Fancy Salon 9b- Regular Salon 9c- Salon Hygene

  • Chap' 10: Accept Black Hair

    10a- Back to My Roots
    10b- Pride in Me
    10c- Keeping it Real

  • Summary

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