Our Videos

The Natural Hair Movement

Hair has the right to respond and when you say yes or no, it also has to agree.

Injibs Hairfood

The Hairfood contains properties that penetrate the scalp into the hair follicles and restore hair back to its normal healthy condition.

The Right Hair Bush

When you are buying a blow drying hair brush, what kind exactly should you choose?

The Right Hair Comb

Know the right comb to use when combing your hair.

The Right Salon Mirrors

Do you seem fat whenever you stare in your mirror? Your Mirror needs an upgrade.

Closures are meant to make the hair extensions look real and if installed incorrectly, you could look the exact opposite. (video copied by Injibs Cosmets)

16' Brazilian Waterwave Transformation

In this video we see how hair extensions are istalled fron scratched and the final results look really stunning. (Video by L10 Hair Productions)