Hair Maintenance


Hair growth tips in South Africa are the best beauty care tools for men, natural hair, black hair and relaxed hair for women. FOR MORE TIPS SUBSCRIBE HERE:

These Injibs secrets in this youTube video presents you the 10 beauty care tools and their uses. The beauty care tips i

Braids Miantenance

Whether you fashion your own hair into individual braids or you opt for synthetic extensions in order to get longer wear from the hairstyle, taking care of your braids not only keeps them looking great, it's also necessary for maintaining the health of your tresses. These maintenance tips are designed to make sure your braids look fabulous for as long as you wear them while also maintaining your own healthy locks!

“When picking a braiding salon/stylist it’s important to assess their professional experience,” explains Aminata Diagne N’Diaye, Owner of Aminata Africa Hair Braiding. “This way you can really gauge their level of expertise and choose who’s right for the particular hairstyle you are looking to get. The proof is always in the pudding. Always ask yourself: Is this person a skilled braider? A great weaver or talented hair cutter? With hair styling, practice makes perfect so make sure you check out some of their work and/or client testimonies before sitting in the chair. As a client, always ask which stylist the salon owner or receptionist would recommend—they tend to secretly know every stylist’s strengths and weaknesses.”